Harlem Township- District One 1905-6


Kelley and Bessie Adams

Birth Student Birth Student
1896 Lois Loretta Adams 1899 Delno L. Adams
1889 Carl H. Bolton    

Bert and Nettie Cook

1892 Wellington Cook 1896 Lester Cook
1896 Herbert William Cook 2-1900 Helen Cook

Elmer and Candice Carpenter

1-11-1893 Fay Carpenter 1-1894 Fern Carpenter
1 1897 Tim Carpenter  

Blanche Dixon. mother      Carie Williams, grandmother

5-1898 Florence Dixon    
Richard L. and Alice V. Fairchild    
1894 Alton Vernon Fairchild    
Oliver F. and Emma D. Fravel    
1892 Ollie McKinley Fravel `` Earl Fravel
1899 Vera May Fravel    
Gladson L and Sadie A. Goldsberry    
1897 Verna Goldsberry 1900 Ruth Goldsberry
Alfred H. and Ida May Mullen    
1892 Blanch Iris Mullen 6-24-1900 Linna Helen Mullen
  Dallas Manley    
Frank C. and Alice M. Paul    
1-1894 Leland Francis Paul 8-1896 Ira Dorothy Paul
John and Sarah Perry    
6-1893 Florence Ema Perry 8-1896 Ethel Marie Perry
  Lovett Dewey Smith    
Milton and Mary Sines    
1896 Johnie Sines
Jase D. and Mollie Williams    
1898 Ilis Dell Williams    

Thanks to Pam Evener who scanned the document so you could see it.

"Linna Mullen was my nephews grandma and he shared her announcement with me. He let me scan it so I could send it to you. Her name was Linnie Helen Mullen born 06-24-1900 and died 08-25-1947," wrote Pam.

I looked up the others on the census records but was unable to find some.  As always, let me know if you have names of parents for the other children.  Contact me

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