Harlem School District #7
Annual Meeting of Voters

Minutes and Accounts

Dec. 16, 1850 collected 8.95 for District 7
Mar. 3, 1851, Wm. Barcus paid 3.50 for school purposes

April 14, 1851 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Stephen Lewis elected collector and chair
Perry Jack elected clerk
A motion to raise $30 for 6 months of school :
Yes - Wm Herbert, Perry Jack, Stephen Lewis
No - Thomas Angean, Harden DeWolf, Lewis Bowman, Wm. Mayfield, George Bagley, Ransom Whitney and Wm. Harden

12-16-1850, Lusinda Thrasher 1.87 due Aug, 24, 1849
1-2-1851 Jack paid 3.12 for collecting
2-8-1851 Andrew M. Philbrick .27
Total 6.97
Perry Jack paid 3.56 to P. W. Longshore, teacher

April 12, 1852   ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Wm Herbert chair, G. Van Sickle, clerk
Motion to rise $20 for 3 month summer school
Yes:  Wm Herbert, George Bayley, Wm Van Sickle, James Mayfield, Edward Fawn
No.  Mw. Mayfield, Ransom Whitney, Harden Debolt
Harden DeBolt elected chair for 2 years, G. VanSickle treasurer for 1 year and Edward Fawn clerk.  Officers were sworn in.
4-2-1852, Ransom Whitney paid 25 cents due 1847
3-23-1853, Charles VanSickle received $30 for teaching winter of 1852-53

April 11, 1853 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Wm Herbert chair. Edward Fawn clerk,
Voted to give 3.20 left over from school supplies to treasurer
Motion to raise $20 taxed for summer of 1854
Yes: Edward Fawn, Wm Herbert, Geo Bayfield, Harden DeWolf,
Thomas Durand, James Mayfield, George Finch, and Garrett Van Sickle
No:  Jesse? Bailey and Wm Mayfield
Directors elected:  G. M. Finch 3 years, Edward Fawn, 2 years and Harden Debolt, 1 year.  New officers were sworn in.
Edward Fawn received $3.85 of Garrett VanSickle, $1.40 was paid Fawn for his services as clerk, $@.45 added to district Funds
Signed, William Hebbert, G. M. Bailey and Edward Fawn

Summer 1853, teacher paid $18.00 (looks like it was Mrs. Fawn)
James Jossling was paid $50 for 3 months in 1853-54
April 10, 1854  ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
James Mayfield elected chair and Edward Fawn, clerk

James Mayfield elected director for 3 years

Harriett Gosnell paid 1.69 for winter of 1854

Due Edward Fawn for 1853 numeration          1.00
        May 20, 1853 1 broom                            .18
        May 11, 1854 brown bucket and dipper   .56
        1854 numeration                                      1.00
April 19, 1855  ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
James Mayfield appointed chair, Edward Fawn clerk
Harden DeWolfe elected Director for 3 years
April 9, 1855 Directors met and appointed James Mayfield Clerk of Directors

April 14, 1857  ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
elected William Perfect Director for 3 years
April 12, 1858 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Eli Whitney elected director for 3 years, Edwards Fawn Clerk

4-11-1859 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
G.H. Bailey Chair, Eli Whitney Secretary,
Director: Stephen Lewis 10 votes, Jonathan Feasel, 8 votes
Resolution passed to have G. H. Bailey serve as district librarian
Present at the above meeting wereG. H. Bailey, W. Perfect, S. Lewis, Thos Dugan, Isaac Dotson, D. M. Dugan,, A. T. Bailey, I, Stomper?, R. Whitney, John Bailey, E. Whitney, Jas Bailey, H. DeWolfe, S. Hurseu, Chas Hursey, D. B. Bailey, Jonathan Feasel and Jacob Feasel.

4-11-1859 the Directors of School District #7 met and appointed Eli Whitney Clerk of the Directors
Someone kept a journal in and around the minutes
It continues here but no minutes.
7-30-1863 Loamma Oldham, teacher $21.30
7-30-1863 Bryra Williams, teacher $12.00
3-1864  Emaline Bateson teacher $36
8-4-1864 Byra Williams, teacher $30
March 1875 E. P. Hoons teacher $160
August 1875 Florence Gossuch $60
April 11, 1864 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Wm Perfect chairman, V. M. Ford Secretary
Wm Perfect elected to 3 year director term
Voters present were
W. Perfect
Peter Whitney,
H. Cockrell,
I. Stoffer,
B. F. Ford,
S. Lewis
Ja A. Bailey,
Jonathan Feasel,
H. DeWolf,
V. M. Ford
G. H. Bailey
April 10, 1871 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Harding Dewolf chair, A. Lewis secretary
Alfred Lewis elected director
Voters present were.
Wm Perfect,     Siamon Hursey    T Tickenor
James Lewis,    H. Dewolf and     A.Lewis

page is torn off
April 14, 1874 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7

James Lewis, chair,
Delbert Lewis, clerk,
H.H. Miller elected to serve 3 years as a director

rest of page torn off
April 12, 1875 ANNUAL MEETING for District
Jonathan Feasel, chairman
A. Lewis, secretary
William Bailey, director for 3 years 
Present were James Lewis, John Feazel, Wm Bailey, Albert Lewis,
April 10, 1876 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
WilliamPerfect, chair
A. Lewis, secretary
James Lewis, Director
Present were Jonathan Feasel,     William Bailey,    Siamon Hursey,
Dems Lewis,      James Lewis,     William Perfect,  Albert Lewis     
April 14, 1879 April 10, 1882
R. Edwards chair
A Sevins, sec
April 9,1883 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Rosell Edwards, Chairman,
E. W. Hartsook secretary
Jonathan Feazel, Director
April 13, 1885 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Chester Bailey, chairm A. Severn Secretary, Norman Duckworth, Director
April 12, 1886 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Norman Duckworth, chair,
James Barcus, secretary
Johnathan Feazel. Director
April 11, 1887 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Norman Duckworth, chair,
Harmon Loar, secretary
John Edwards, Director for 3 years
skipped journal
pages - some cut off
2nd Monday in April 1872 ANNUAL MEETING
for District #7
Samuel Needles, chair,
A. Lewis, secretary
Jonathan Feasel, Director for 3 years
April 1872 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
G. B. Baker, chair
Johnathan Feasel secretary
Harden DeWolfe, Director 3 years,
Johnathan Feasel Director 1 year
  April 8, 1866 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
WmPerfect, chair
Hiram Cockrell, secretary
George A. Baker, Director
Johnathan Feasel appointed Clerk of Directors on April 1866    
April 10, 1865  ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Charles Oldham, chair
Ira Tichenor, secretary
Hiram Cockrel, Director 3 years
David Whitney, Director 1 year
Voting were:
Charles Oldham
A, Lewis
D. Lewis
I. Bailey
F, H. Bailey
I. Stoffer
I Speer
J. Lewis
D. Whitney
J. Feasel
A. Needles
Ira Tichenor
no date ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Wm Perfect,chairman
Jonath Feasel, secretary
V. M, Ford, Director for 3 years
April 14, 186 ? ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
G. H. Bailey, chair
P. Whitney, secretary
Jonathan Feasel Director for 3 years
April 9, 1860 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
Johnathan Feasel, chair
D. B. Bailey, secretary
George H. Dailey, Director

April 8, 1861 ANNUAL MEETING for District #7
J.H. Bailey, chair
D.B.Dailey, secretary
Wm Barkus, Director 3 years
johnathan Feazel, Director 1 year

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