Trenton Special School 1886-7

Photo belongs to Grace Bell

First Row: Oatfield Whitney, Garfield Chadwick, 3, 4, #5 Abbie Hough, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10 Imogene Piet Wenger, 11, 12 Winnona "Ona" Whitney,
Partial Row: near left:  #4 Tootie Ketchan, #7 Seely Cook.           Far right: Sadie and Clara Cring
2nd Row: 1, 2, 3, 4 Grace Chadwick, 5, 6, #7 Cora Murphy, #8 Lidie Whitney, #9 Minnie Ringer, #10 Herman Ringer, #11 Farrah Murphy
Back Row:  Teacher Russel Bennett, Otis Perfect at 28 was older than teacher
The year on the back of this photo is marked 1886-7 and in another place 1888.  Oatfield Whitney was born in December 1881.  I think he looks older than 5 in this photo but if it were in the fall he might have been almost 6.   If you know the correct date, let me know.
Please Email if you can identify any others
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