Horn's in Condit Station

Alvin and Vergie Horn owned the station for 15 years from 1948 to 1963

Born to William and  Daisy (Evans) Horn in 1913,  Alvin grew up on a farm on Dent Road.  When Alvin was six, his father and sister died in the influenza epidemic of 1919 leaving Daisy with 6 children - the oldest 13 and the youngest just a baby.  The neighbors helped the boys and Daisy farm but there were no extra funds so the boys had only one pair of shoes and took turns attending the one room Ross - Dent Road School.  By the time the last two, Melvin and Ed, were in school the older boys worked so the younger ones could attend school full time.  Melvin was the first to graduate from Sunbury High School.

Alvin courted and married Vergie Beal, after her graduation from Sunbury High School in 1935. Three sons were born, Jim, Bob, and Harry.  The family farmed and Alvin worked for John Schultz in Galena. 

Alvin's brother Melvin was killed on the U.S.S. Arizona when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7th, 1941.  Alvin's brothers enlisted to honor their brother but Alvin had three sons and decided the best he could do was go to California and build ships for the Navy.  When Alvin got a job he sent for Vergie and the boys. 

After the war, the family returned to Condit and were tenant farmers on a local dairy farm.  When the station became available they purchased it in 1948 and Alvin became well known for his mechanical ability.  Vergie did the bookkeeping and often pumped gas and took care of customers while taking care of her family in the apartment above the station where there was a revolving door for wild animals the boys brought home.

While the boys were growing, Alvin and Vergie were active in Boy Scouts and youth groups in the Condit Presbyterian Church.

Horn's Station was also the hub for teenagers and older residents who often found a checkerboard set up and one of the boys waiting to play.  In 1958 the station caught fire which did more damage to the upstairs living quarters than in the station. 

When the Green farm on CCC became available, Alvin bought it and began remodeling it for his family.  Finally in  1963 the family sold the station to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jaycox and moved to the farm.  Randle B. Hughes, Kenny Jaycox's nephew, lived above the station in 1964-1965.

Eventually, Alvin retired from farming in 1979 and enjoyed fishing in his pond and his grand-children.  He continued to raise sweetcorn to sell to his friends and neighbors.

Vergie died in April of 1995.  Alvin died of a broken heart in June of 1995.  They are buried in Trenton Cemetery.

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