Cring's Household Balm

Henry Kring came from Pennsylvania to Condit while his brother and sister went to Findlay, Ohio.  Henry changed his name to Cring from the Scandinavian spelling.  He married Mary Jane Horlocher and had seven children. Henry was a surveyor, a storekeeper, and the inventor of Cring's Household Balm.  According to the People Book, Henry and his sons traveled throughout central Ohio selling his balm as well as Cholera Balm, Saymans Soap, toothache remedy and other medicines.

Below is a small booklet (4.25" wide x 5.5" tall ) used as a promotional tool to introduce the readers in a brief manner to the uses and virtues of Cring's Household Balm.


This booklet was hand stitched with thread as shown below


Thanks to Don Edwards for allowing us to reproduce his copy of this booklet

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