Finishing Occupancy Permit Requirements

Cover all Insulation for Fire Protection

Jeff Martin installs wall at top of Stairs

Polly Horn installs cedar lining in upstairs closet

All Open Holes Must be Filled or Secured

Linda Powell made frames for peek -thrus to see construction of the building.  Matt Hoover hung them with piano hinges so they can be opened with a screwdriver for cleaning

Jeff and Lanny George install doors on to Pantry and Basement

Registers in all Furnace Ducts

Work Rooms in the 1816 Myers' Home on left and future office right

Mark Lieurance has to make grates fit the ducts - one needed gorilla glue and a brace to hold it until it dried

Bob and Don finish attaching safety gauges to furnaces

Lyall and Bob Rodgers installed
former wood crib to secure this railing temporarily

Tad Michell removed pigtails from light wiring

Larry Mitchell reset fire
 alarm box

Finally on January 22, 2008, the Myers Inn PASSED ALL INSPECTIONS!!!!!

Pink Mud!!!!

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