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Porter Drywall

Sunbury UMC Youth Group Paint the Garage
Sunbury UMC Youth Group Roof the Garage

Community Foundation of Delaware County-2006
Community Foundation of Delaware County 2007

The People Fund Allows Myers Inn Museum
To Open July 4th, 2008

Youth Mission Team Works at Inn, 2006
Worthington Christian Youths Work at Inn, 2007

Brothers Make Sure Inn Keeps up Appearances

Myers Inn Down Granville Street

One of the oldest structure in Sunbury, the Myers Inn faces Sunbury Square.  Enclosed in this structure is the first one room house of Lawrence Myers which may date to 1816 (when he co-founded Sunbury) and the two story stage coach inn built by Lawrence Myers in 1820. Both frame structures were enclosed into this large building by Myers in 1825.  Jeduthan Skeels added the balcony when he renovated around 1870.

The property was purchased by the Hosea Hopkins at the turn of the century and became known as the Hopkins House which was run as a boarding house and later an apartment building.

In 1975 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places as the Sunbury Tavern.  At the same time the Town Hall was added to the list.

In 1978, Harold McMillan gave the structure to the Community Library in memory of his wife, Mapledell. The library put on a new roof and replaced the brick pillars with wood

like the original.  When the rotten sill was replaced, the windows broke and were replaced.  Wood siding replaced the shingles.
The library used it until they moved to the new location when they transferred the ownership of the building to the Big Walnut Area Historical Society. For historical purposes the name Myers Inn was given to the house.

Efforts are being made to renovate the building as quickly as possible. The Planning Committee for the renovation of the building completed its work in May 1996. The goal is now to put the plans into action.

The Board of Trustees moved into the Fund raising phase of the program. In addition to many small donations, Joan Lawrence got $100,000 in state monies for the renovation of the Myers Inn in 1997.  Architect Don Hoover, of Schooley Caldwell and Associates, was hired to oversee the work.

Meanwhile the Society has continued to use the grounds for educational purposes. Public archaeological digs on the property have provided educational opportunities as the history of our area is explored. Children and adults enjoyed several digs and artifacts are being labeled for eventual display in the museum.

Volunteers removed the added walls, the pest infested plaster, modern paneling and other things used to hide the true construction of the building. Materials were removed from the building so it is ready for workman.


Larry Mitchell was hired to be the Construction Manager of the project. He is supervised by Brian Kiggins of Schooley Caldwell and the Historical Society Board of Trustees. In 2003, our Ohio Representative Jon Peterson got $50,000 from the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission to continue work on the facility.  
 To date the following have been completed:
Once again in the fall of 2006, volunteers combined efforts and put in 300 hours in 30 days to put finishing touches on the rooms with drywall.


Scraping woodwork

Trimming Door and Windows



More Cleaning

Vacuuming Cleaning floors Scrubbing steps, Washing windows Cleaning exterior
The Society is making a big push to complete the building. On October 12, 2006, EMBARQ sponsored a Sunbury / Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce After Hours to promote the Myers Inn Project.
After Hours Photos by
Lenny Lepola

by Polly


Drywall Prep

Drywall Arrives



2007 All hand hewn beams on the second floor were covered with paper to protect them during the drywall insulation. Porter finished installing the drywall in January 2007. 
  • Drywall in all rooms
  • Primed all drywall and final coat on the ceiling

In the spring, volunteers once again began scraping and painting. 

Funds from the Community Foundation of Delaware County were used to purchase a new door for the Meeting Room and to buy paint materials so the volunteers could seal the new drywall.
Jon Peterson secured $25,000 through the Ohio Cultural Arts Facilities Commission to replace the roof and refinish/replace floors in the Inn.
  • Weisenstein Roofing won the bid to replace the roof
  • Quality Hardwood Floors from Fredericksburg did the floors
Clint Keener, president of Sunbury-Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce and Polly Horn, president of the BWAHS led their boards into negotiations designed to rent the south east room on the first floor to the Chamber.  The push was on for an Occupancy Permit from the State of Ohio.
Finally after 30 years,
                    Myers Inn is ready to be occupied
The Sunbury / Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce had wanted to move in by the first of January but the floors were not dry enough for traffic until the 17th of December.  Unable to get the Occupancy Permit, put off the CoC moving into the Myers Inn until Feb.1st.  However this time was not wasted.  There was much to do to make the room ready for the Chamber.  They were able to begin operations in the Myers Inn the first of February, 2008.
Now for the rest of the Myers Inn. . . .
Lanny and Carol installed a mirror in the restroom - perfect for changing costumes! Polly painted trim for Lanny to install in restrooms

Jeff installing hardware on restroom doors

A $25,000 Community Development Grant through the Delaware County Office of Economic Development will put an A.D.A. ramp on the meeting room door.

Next Project is the Meeting Room!Section of the wall in the photo at the right
was repaired with concrete causing a
very big bulge which must be removed
to get wall behind baseboard.

Community Foundation Grant Provided Closet Doors and Light Fixtures in Meeting Room

First BWAHS Board Meeting in Renovated Meeting Room March 15, 2008

Meeting Room Finally Completed in April 2008
Chamber and BWAHS After Hours April 3


First BWAHS Meeting in Renovated Meeting Room - Tom Paul Talks About Rosecrans

Odds and Ends    
Some things in storage in Horn's garage


Getting Ready to Open Museum on July 4th, 2008

People Fund
Provides Materials and Labor to Ready the Museum

Removing Overgrown Shrubs
 in Front of the Myers Inn

June Campbell gave a kitchen in memory of her late husband, Paul Campbell.

Volunteers Keep Working


Display Cases and Furniture

Ready for
Labor Day


Air Conditioning The Patio   Display Cases The Barn


Forge Dedication

Working on Forge      


Work on the building was put on hold while we raised money for the statue to honor Major General William Stark Rosecrans.  The project was completed and dedicated September 28, 2013


Awning Replaced
Galena Class Composites
2012- 1950
  Iron Railings Added Barn Work Continues


Damon Bower Gives Garage a New Coat of Paint Apple Tree from Buckingham's Orchard Bares Fruit   Chapan and Lacher Plant Flowers Bower Repairs

We've come a long way but there is still much to do. 
There's a spot for your talents.




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