Workroom Set Up in Future CoC Office

Bob Rodgers was hired to install new exterior doors on the Chamber/Gift Shop door on the south side of the building and to the Meeting Room on the west side of the building.  He had put drywall in this room in the fall of 2006 but the BWAHS could not afford to add the trim.

Meanwhile, Polly needed to be in the building waiting for workman to

New Doors Waiting

arrive so the ceiling and walls got the final sanding and two coats of paint. 

The badly damages French doors needed lots of scraping, filling and sanding to get them ready for paint.

A closed in double door between the CoC and Meeting Room needed many layers of mud, caulk and sanding to make it look good.  Again, these were

French doors in need or T.L.C.

things Polly worked around supervising others.

Jeff George was hired to trim the room to match the trim on the front door to the building.  His father, Lanny, was often around to lend a helping hand.  Soon the new trim made the move seem real

Mark Lieurance hung the ceiling light fixture.

Door and Window Trim Added

When the weather warmed up to 33, Polly's sister, Penny Bradshaw was visiting from

Chicago and washed the windows

Penny cleaning windows

Work in progress

Lots of mud and caulk changed the look of this doorway

Lanny George remade the old door knob given by Bob Horn to fit the French doors


Final Coat



The Delaware Convention and Visitors' Bureau had a display case they tried unsuccessfully to sell or give away.  Roger Roberts, Jerry Rensi and Bob Horn picked it up and brought it back to the Myers Inn during an icy day in December.
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