Quality Hardwood Floors Replaces,             
    Finishes or Refinishes Myers Inn Floors

Entry Floor

Floors varied through out the Inn.  Some were OK, some poor and some were not even there.  Where ever possible, we worked to save the old floors.  Quality had fellow Amishmen cut and mill new wood to match the thickness and width of the existing when patching the poor floors. 

Gift Shop Sub-Floor

Pulling nails and testing boards for strength.  Rotten boards are removed and the better boards moved to the edges of the room.

Trees used as joists visible before new wood is installed in Tavern Room

Bad boards replaced.  Days and days of sanding to remove old varnish, rough spots and build-up where wall partitions had been. 

New floor boards waiting to be installed in Meeting Room and Gift Shop

When all the floors are as clean and smooth as possible, the finish is mopped on until they shine!!

Upstairs floors following the first coat of finish!

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