Civil War School Day - 2016

Blacksmith Checks the Quality of His Work to Students

Smell of Ohio coal from the blacksmith's forge and the sounds of cannon fire and riffles being shot let Sunbury businesses and visitors relive parts of the Civil War while  over 560 students and adults spent 2 hours on Sunbury square learning about the Civil War from different perspectives Friday, May 13, 2016. 
They enjoyed learning about the cannons and watching them being fired.  Then they rotated through artillery, infantry,  cavalry demonstrations, heard about the British observer corps, why women served as soldiers during the war and the roll of the minister on the battle fields and in the camps.  Each group witnessed a reb and yank exchanging fire to alert the guides to move the group to the next station.  The morning program was repeated in the afternoon.

Once again Rick Helwig organized the event for the Big Walnut Area Historical Society.  Damon Bower found the volunteers to dress in costume and lead the groups through the stations.  Alice Chapan and her team of Connie Ackerman and Carol Wood provided food for the 24 event workers.

John Lieurance shows students the different kinds of ammunition fired in cannons during the Civil War

Photos by Damon Bower and Polly Horn

Rebel Soldier behind tree to left and Students hide to avoid the Yankee blanks fired their way.

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