Historical Society presents author John Ciochetty and . . .

Ghosts of Historic  Delaware, Ohio

October 14 in Myers Inn Meeting Room

John B. Ciochetty will address the Big Walnut Area Historical Society at 7:30 Tuesday evening October 14 in the Myers Inn Meeting Room in Sunbury. He will discuss ghosts in Delaware.

He began his writing career in high school in Belpre, Ohio. He continued to freelance with area newspapers and magazines while doing graduate studies at Marshall University.

Under the Clinton Administration, Ciochetty served as a volunteer member of the U.S. Presidentís National Performance Review. He has been a judicial and law enforcement officer in Ohio and West Virginia.

Although Ciochetty wrote a book titled Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Defenses during his service with the United States Army Reserves, it is his books on ghosts and hauntings in Delaware which will be of interest to BWAHS on this October night.

In 2007 he published the Ghosts of Stuyvesant Hall and Beyond. Three years later Ghosts of Historic Delaware, Ohio was published. At that time he was employed as an officer for the Department of Public Safety at Ohio Wesleyan University.

In addition to the ghost stories of many of the buildings, Ciochetty gives us the history of the building. If you have lived in Delaware or have even driven through the city, you will recognize many of the landmarks. Learn about Edwards Gym and Branch Rickey, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals when Billy Southworth was on their farm team, the Arts Castle, the Strand, Blue Limestone Park and even the ghost of a cat in Troy Road shopping center.

In Delaware County, he looks at the Underground Railroad in Africa, Ohio, Scioto Village Girls Correctional School and the Riverview School for Boys in Rathbone, Camp Delaware and the Perkins Observator and many other places of ghostly presence.

BWAHS meetings are held at 7:30 on the second Tuesday evening of each month but December. The topic is a history related theme of interest to local people. The programs are free and often followed by refreshments.

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