September 9, 2014. . . .


as Lucy Webb Hayes
known as Lemonade Lucy

Debbie Shatzer will play Lucy Webb Hayes at the Big Walnut Area Historical Society meeting at 7:30 Tuesday evening, September 9th in the Myers Inn Museum in Sunbury.

Shatzer graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University then worked for the University for 14.5 years.  When the county formed the Delaware County Convention and Visitors Bureau in June of 1996, Shatzer was hired as the Executive Director, a position she still holds 18 years later.  Their mission is to promote tourism and attract visitors and conventions to Delaware County which makes a big impact on the economy of the county.

Lucy Webb Hayes is one of several characters Shatzer portrays.  She selected Lemonade Lucy because she was the first woman to graduate from O.W.U. and was married to Delaware native, President Rutherford B. Hayes.  Her life through the Civil War and as the First Lady offers a different slant to those times. 

Shatzer has also portrayed Annie Oakley in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Reenactment in Sunbury, Elizabeth Campbell of Delaware at the Delaware County Arts Castle and Helen Cohen, a Polish immigrant for the Central Ohio Symphony.

Although Shatzer lives in Delaware, she considers all of Delaware County her hometown.  "I never tire of promoting Delaware County tourism."  she commented.

Lemonade Lucy will talk at the BWAHS meeting following a brief business meeting in the Meeting Room of the Myers Inn Museum which  faces the southwest corner of Sunbury Village Square. 
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