Meeting Tuesday, July 11 . . . .
Visit Sunbury Glacial Boulder
             Go to Old Fashioned Picnic

B.W.A.H.S. Annual Old Fashioned Picnic is Tuesday, July 11 in the Big Walnut Conservation Club, Shelter House at 122211 Hartford Road east of Sunbury. We will meet there at 5:15, go to the boulder, then return to the Club for our picnic about 6:30.

Two of the largest crystalline erratics in Ohio reside in Sunbury. One estimated to be over 200 tons above the ground rests on private property north of Hartford Road. The boulder under General Rosecrans Statue on Sunbury Square weighs 40 tons and is also one of the five largest in Ohio.

Many have seen the boulder from the street but here is the opportunity to visit the boulder and take your photographs. The boulder sits on private property and is not regularly open to visitors.

For the picnic, bring your table service, drink, a dish to share and a Friend who might enjoy the historical society. We will be there rain or shine.

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