Delaware Co. Stadiums, Gyms, Athletic Fields

             Southworth Memorial Park on Hartford Road

Brent Carson will present a program “Stadiums, Gyms, and Athletic Fields of Delaware County” to Big Walnut Area Historical Society at 7:30 Tuesday evening, March 12, in the Myers Inn Museum Meeting Room.

Before TV, all forms of sports and athletics were the most popular entertainment in Delaware County. Towns and even companies had competitive teams who often played against other county teams. All had a home place to play. Today we watch school teams or independent youth league teams but we go to the city or watch TV to see professional teams.

All of these teams had a court, field, or gym they called home. Schools have gyms and ballfields as part of the expense of building a school but this was not always the case. Civic minded men and women built the facilities without taxpayer dollars - Big Walnut Football Stadium and Track Field is one of these.

Carson was born in Delaware, graduated from Hayes High School and taught in Willis Jr. High until he retired. He has been the pillar in the Delaware County Historical Society for many years and is currently the president of the society. He co-chaired the Delaware County Bicentennial Celebration with Rick Helwig in 2008.

Through the years, Carson has helped produce several DVDs and programs on a variety of topics of local history. .

Today Brent can be found giving programs to schools and community clubs, giving tours of the historical society and the surrounding area, and always collecting history and stories of the county.

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