Tuesday, March 10 at 7:30 p.m.

 ohn Brown – Martyr or Madman?

Van Young returns to Big Walnut Historical Society at 7:30 Tuesday, March 10, to state the facts of John Brown’s life so you can decide was he a martyr or a madman. This program is free in the Myers Inn Museum Meeting Room.

Brown was an American abolitionist who believed in and advocated armed insurrection as the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States. His unsuccessful raid on the federal armory in Harpers Ferry, VA, is often referred to as the starting point of the civil war.     

John Brown


This talk examines the life of John Brown and the effect he had on the viewpoints of slavery in the North and the South. Help decide for yourself if he was indeed a martyr or a madman.

Young has entertained and enlightened us many times with his tales of little known facts from the Civil War era. This presentation promises to do the same.

Young was born and raised in Ohio and has been a resident of Columbus for the last 38 years.

When he retired from AT&T in 2012, he made one of his retirement goals to spend time studying about the Civil War.


Van Young

Caution and Treason clippings from Wikipedia  article ,  John Brown (abolitionist)
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