BWAHS Program for October 2020 . . . .

Industrialization in America from 1890-1914

by Jack Brown

Because our meeting room is too small for a group meeting,  Brown is returning to us with a new YouTube program  so you can view it online. He is looking at some of the changes in the American factories during this 24 year period often called the Second Industrial Revolution.

Electricity, telephones and automobiles are only a few of the new inventions which completely changed the way people worked, lived and communicated.  All were setting the stage for the technology we take for granted today.

Brown  added a new twist to this program by giving the members the opportunity to have input into the program. 

Questions or comments about this era or even a specific event which made a change in our industries, were sent to info@BigWalnut History with Brown in and forward to him.  “While I can't promise to respond to all, I will try to include them in the presentation,” he noted.

Brown was recently featured in the Columbus Dispatch Special Edition highlighting “Everyday Heroes of Central Ohio.”  Brown has taken his love of science from his workshop to classrooms so students can actually see how things work and even invent things to improve tomorrow’s communities.

From a career in community analysis and statistics to a retirement hobby of furthering education of adults and youngsters, Brown brings a unique hands on look at his subject.  This program is bound to make you think.

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