7:00 January 14, 2020. . . .

Fun & Frolics - New Year Party
by Alice Chapan

Alice Chapan has planned a unique approach to our January program. She is mixing the history of the New Year Party with the vintage food, games and traditions from around the world. She will provide sandwiches and small snack-like foods for a light supper for those who come to the meeting at 7:00.

Tables with vintage games will be set up for people to try. Theses were family activities before the age of technology. If you have a favorite you still play, bring it with you to share.

How did famous people celebrate New Year? What are popular New Year traditions? What are your family New Year traditions? Do you keep New Year resolutions?

“This program is to be a fun time as well a learning experience,” noted Chapan.

If Big Walnut Schools are closed for bad weather that day, there will be no meeting.
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