Tuesday, April 15, 2008. . . .

First Historical Society Meeting
in Renovated Myers Inn

Gerry Payn as President Lincoln and Tom Paul as General Rosecrans

Tom Paul will bring General William Starke Rosecrans to the Myers Inn for the Big Walnut Area Historical Society meeting at 7:30 on April 15th. 

Paul has studied the biographies of the General and portrays Kingston Township native in Civil War Reenactments throughout the season.  He recently attended the Founders Day Celebration for the kickoff of the Delaware County Bicentennial with his wife and daughter. 

William Rosecrans was born to Crandall Rosecrans and his wife Jemima Hopkins (relative to Stephen Hopkins who signed the Declaration of Independence) at their home on Taylor Run in the southeast part of Kingston Township.  Although he was young when the family moved, he considered Delaware County to be his native home.  Learn more about General Rosecrans.

The Big Walnut Historical Society has been meeting in the Community Library while the Myers Inn underwent an extensive and long renovation project.  Although the building is not completed, the historical society obtained an Occupancy Permit in January and has moved forward with making the rooms usable.  Members and visitors will sit on the chairs used in the theater which was held in the Town Hall from the1880s to the mid 1940s. Traveling performers put on shows in the "Institute" and stayed in the Myers Inn, known then as the Union Hotel and later the Hopkins House.

As part of the Delaware County Bicentennial Celebration,  a Civil War Reenactment will be held in Sunbury and Galena on May 9, 10, and 11th. More information about the event is on the Bicentennial website at DelawareCo200.com.

Historical Society meetings are open to anyone interested in history.  For more information, call 740-965-3582.  Myers Inn is located at 45 South Columbus Street facing Sunbury Square. 


Linda Paul as Annie (Hageman) Rosecrans and Brittney Snow as one of Rosecrans'  five children attending the Delaware County Bicentennial Founders' Day Celebration in February


Photos by Lenny Lepola

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