Genoa Township    

       Genoa Township was sectioned from Harlem Township in 1816 and given its name by Elisha Bennett after Genoa, Italy. Jeremiah Curtis of Hartford, Connecticut, was the first settler in 1804. 

         He was followed by John Williams, Joseph Latshaw, Hezekiah Roberts, David Weeks,William Cox, Marcus Curtiss, Elisha Newell, Alexander Smith, Fulrad Seebring, Ary Hendricks, Thomas Harris, Henry Bennett, Byxbe Rogers, Jacob Clauson, Jonas Carter, Johnson Pelton, Sylvester Hough, Hines Mitchum, Comfort Penney, John Hartburn, Abraham Wells, Eleazer and George Copeland and Josepf Linnabauf. Most came from Pennsylvania but some were from New York.

          The township's early settlers were farmers and keepers of sheep. Mills were built along the "Big Belly", later known as the Big Walnut Creek. Maxwell Corners was the only resemblance of a town and it consisted of a post office. 

                                                             From "History of Delaware County and Ohio, 1880" 

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