John Quist Index to Enlisted Soldiers of the Civil War from Delaware County

by John Quist

Abrams, Francis M.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.                          (hospital boat Ė Nashville)

Adams, Jesse,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

Adams, Milo L.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

Aigin, Stephen P.,  Co. F, 18th U.S.I. & Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

Aldrich, David,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I. & Co. C, 10th O.V.C.

Alexander, Hosea W.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.                                 (3+3)

Alexander, John J., Co. D, 20th O.V.I., V.R.C., Co. H, 174th O.V.I.

Alexander, Joseph C.,  Co. K, 66th O.V.I.

Allen, Aaron B.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

Allen, Heman W.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

Alston, Wesley & David,  Co. E, 9th U.S.C.H.A. & Co. E, 100th U.S.C.T.   (C.T.)

Anderson, Andrew M.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I & F&S 189th O.I.  (OH Soldiers & Sailors Home)

09/30/13  Anderson, Nelson Robert,  Co. D, 55th Mass. Vol. Inf.                 (C.T.)

06/14/11  Armstrong, George,   Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

06/22/13  Arnold, Charles R.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

06/21/13  Arnold, Irwin B.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

07/07/13  Ashbrook, Welcome,  Co. C, 15th O.V.I.

11/08/13  Atkinson, David,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

08/13/13  Austin, Jeremiah,  Co.  A, 5th U.S.C.T.                                            (C.T.)             

04/07/12  Ayers, Jacob,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I

04/06/12  Ayers, John F.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.                                           (Roll of Honor) 

11/27/12  Babbitt, Cyrus B.,  Co. F, 18th U.S.I.

04/28/14  Baker, Samuel H.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

05/13/13  Beard, Truman H.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

05/21/12  Bailer, William H.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.                            (Roll of Honor)  (William Essig)

11/27/13  Bailey, Theodore F.,  Union Light Guard                           (Presidentís Body Guard)

09/22,14  Bailey, William and James,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

03/02/14  Bardwell, Alfred H.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.                                     (First Sergeant)

00/00/11  Barnes, Homer G.,  Union Light Guard

08/16/14  Barnes, Leroy S.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.  (3 mos & 3yrs)

09/16/13  Barr, James, William, & Jacob,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

04/13/12  Baxter, Harrod ďHerod.,Ē  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

06/06/13  Baxter, William & Philip D., Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

09/25/12  Beach, Theron A.,  Co.C, 4th O.V.I.

12/03/12  Beckley, Samuel,  Co. E, 30th O.V.I.

02/14/12  Beddow, Garret H.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

07/20/13  Beecher, John,  Co. F & E, 18th U.S.I.                              (Hancockís First Veteran Corps)

06/29/14  Bell, Robert F.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

07/01/14  Bell, Thomas B.,  CO. A, 96th O.V.I.

04/15/12  Benedict, William H.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.                    (granddaughter, economist & 1943 OPA)

04/05/14  Bennett, Willard F.,  Co. K, 20th O.V.I. & Cos. E, K, D, 31st O.V.I.

03/04/14  Benton, Erastus,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I. & Co. C, 121st O.V.I. 

12/12/13  Bevan, David & William,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.; Co. D, 1st Regt. U.S. Vet. Vol. Engineers

09/18/13  Bigelow, Henry C.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.                                              (Poem)

CIVIL WAR soldiers (2)


00/00/00  Name


09/11/11  Bill, Daniel,  Co. E, 4th O.V.I. (Mexican War); Co. I, 4 O.V.I. (3 mos), Co. D, 20th O.V.I. (3 yrs)

05/14/13  Bishop, Henry H.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

04/02/14  Blain, Solomon and Elem,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

04/03/14  Blaney, Henry C.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

12/11/14  Blauvelt, Alonzo L.,  Co. K, 20th O.V.I. (3 mos) & Co. I, 32nd O.V.I. (3 yrs)

12/13/13  Blayney, Edwin R.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

12/09/11  Blue, Joel G.,  Co. I, 3rd O.V.I.                                                            (POW)  

03/04/14  Boham, George M.,  Co. E, 18th U.S.I. & Co. K, 45th O.V.I.

12/15/13  Bockoven, William J.,  Co. E, 82nd O.V.I.

02/22/13  Boury, Joseph,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I. & Co. C, 2nd O.V.H.A., Boury Homer T., Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

06/18/12  Bowers, Alexander S.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

10/05/12  Boyd, Bishop,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

11/22/13  Brandebury, Lemuel A., Union Light Guard                         (Presidentís Body Guard)

09/26/14  Brown, William W.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

04/30/14  Brownmiller, Samuel,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

04/04/14  Burkholder, Lorenzo M.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

06/23/13  Burroughs, Albert and Jerome,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/14/12  Burna, James M.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.                         (POW) (father abandoned; mother died)

12/12/11  Bush, Louis,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.   

12/08/14  Cackler, Francis Marion,  Co. G, 1st Battalion, 18th U.S.I.

06/24/13  Campbell, Ransom,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

01/04/12  Campton, John R., Co. D, 24th O.V.I.

12/17/13  Carhart, Lucius,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

10/15/14  Carmichael, Albert,  Co I, 4th O.V.I.

12/13/11  Carney, Thomas L.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.    

01/02/13  Carns, William F.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.      

10/16/14  Carpenter, Ezra,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.                  

08/26/11  Carpenter, Thomas F.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

12/07/14  Carr, Jacob & Asa,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

12/06/14  Carr, Peter C.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

05/01/14  Case, George and Henry,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I. and Co. F, 7th O.V.I. (3 mos & 3 yrs)

12/13/14  Case, Oscar J.,  Co, G, 96th O.V.I.

07/08/13  Cellar, John and George,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

07/09/13  Cellar, Joseph A.,  Co. A, 15th U.S.I.

07/23/13  Chin, Luther,  Co. H, 5th U.S.C.T.                                                        (C.T.)

07/31/13  Clark, Andrew M.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

12/08/12  Clark, Charles and Asbury,  Co. H, 174th O.V.I.

10/06/11  Clay, Henry C.,  Co. H, 5th U.S.C.T. & Co. D, 27th U.S.C.T.                (C.T.)

03/05/14  Clifton, David H.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

01/05/12  Cockrell, James M., Co. H, 121st O                                   (full service of 121st O.V.I.)

05/11/12  Cole, Elias,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.                                                                  (Journal)

04/09/12  Colflesh, Samuel W.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.            

12/16/11  Conklin, David,  Cos. D & C, 15th U.S.I.

12/16/11  Conklin, John S., Co. C, 5th O.I.C.

CIVIL WAR soldiers (3)


00/00/00  Name


12/17/11  Conklin, Martin V.,  Co. C, 5th O.I.C. & Co. H, 145th O.V.I.

12/15/11  Conklin, Peter A.,  Co. H, 15th U.S.I.

06/18/13  Conrey, Stephen C.,  Co. L, 5th O.V.C.

03/06/14  Conroy, Robert O.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

07/01/11  Constant, William T.,   Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

03/07/14  Converse, George W.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

04/07/11  Coomer, Jerry E.,   Co. C, 66th O.V.I. & 26th O.V.I.                               (Ashley Post) 

07/06/11  Courter, Pell T.,  Co. I, 4 O.V.I. (3 mos), Co. E, 66th O.V.I. (3 yrs)  (Jacob Kruck)     (pensioners)

04/06/13  Courter, Ward C.,  Co. 4, 43rd O.V.I.

08/21/13  Cox, Robert J.,  Co. C, 86th O.V.I.

05/16/12  Coyner, David H.,  F&S, 88th O.V..I.                             (ded)                    (Keinadt clan)

08/26/13  Crabbe, Thomas W.,  Co. A, 61st O.V.I.                                                   (Color Sergeant)

05/18/11  Crawford, James M.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I. 

12/05/14  Crawford, William E.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

03/09/14  Croy, Mathias,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

03/10/14  Cruikshank, Irwin B.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

10/02/12  Cryder, John M.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

01/06/12  Cunningham, James S.C.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I. & Co. A, 145th O.V.I.

01/07/12  Cunningham, George W., Co. E, 96th O.V.I.                               (hosp boat Ė City of Memphis)

10/17/14  Cunningham, Oscar H.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.                                              (Walt Whitman)

07/10/11  Curren, Joseph F.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.  & F&S, 60th O.V.I.                         (pensioners)

09/01/12  Curry, George W.,  Co. I, 127th O.V.I. (later 5th U.S.C.T.)                              (C.T.)

09/26/12  Cutler, William H.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.                                                               (Sheriff) 

12/18/13  Dall, Alexander H.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I. & Co. E, 182nd O.V.I.

02/15/13  Davenport, Ralph,  Co. G, 20th O.V.I. & Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.                             (Doctor)

04/13/13  Davis, David S.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

12/13/12  Davis, William P.,  Co. I, 2nd O.V.H.A.

02/17/13  Davy, John L.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

02/18/13  Davy, William W.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

08/19/14  Day, Ingham & Charles,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

08/14/13  Day, John W.,  Co. B, 5th U.S.C.T.                                                                 (C.T.)

08/13/13  Day, LeRoy,  Co. D, A, F, 15th U.S.I.

01/01/12  Dean, James W.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

04/09/13  DeGood, Alva B.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I. & Co. B, 48th O.V.I.&83rd O.V.I.

08/12/13  DeWitt, Charles A.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

08/12/13  DeWitt, Francis B.,  Co. B, 46th O.V.I. & Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

04/12/13  Depp, Aurelius,  Co. C, 12th U.S.C.T.                                                                (C.T.)

02/26/13  Deppen, David,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

10/20/14  Dickerman, Edward P.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

02/28/13  Dirst, Sylvester M.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

01/11/12  Diven, George,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. F, 96th O.V.I.                 (hosp boat Ė City of Memphis)

01/15/12  Dixon, Alva,  Co. E, 31st O.V.I.

01/16/12  Dixon, Walker L.,  Co. K, 20th O.V.I. & Co. E, 31st O.V.I.          (County infirmary, Kilbourne)

07/10/13  Dixon, William O.,  Co. B, 46th O.V.I.

CIVIL WAR soldiers (4)


00/00/00  Name


11/19/12  Dodds, Joseph H., Co. A, 18th U.S.I.

12/04/13  Dolbear, Benjamin Edward,  Union Light Guard                              (Presidentís Body Guard)

11/14/11  Doty, George W.,  Co. C, 85th O.V.I., Co. C, 88th O.V.I., 27th U.S.C.T.

11/14/11  Doty, John G.,  Co.  C, 85th O.V.I. & Co. I, 88th O.V.I.

11/11/11  Doty, Josephus F.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I., Co. B, 9th U.S.V.V.I.                          (Journal)

11/09/11  Doty, William H.,   Co. C, 96th O.V.I.

07/02/14  Dunham, Samuel H.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

07/03/14  Durfey, Benjamin J.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.  (3 mos & 3 yrs)

07/05/14  Durling, Charles W.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

09/28/12  Dustin, John H.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

03/17/13  Dutcher, John H. ,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I. & Co. H, 145th O.V.I.

01/13/12  Dutton, James M., Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

03/12/13  Dwight, Henry Otis,  Co. D, H, G, Field & Staff, 20th O.V.I.

07/31/13  Dwinnell, Clark P.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

03/21/13  Edelblute, Lewis and Jacob,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

07/07/14  Eliott, Patrick M.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

05/23/12  Elzey, William H.,  Co. C, 10th O.V.C.

05/04/14  Erwin, Anderson,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

06/24/12  Essig, William,  Co. B, 5th L.V.I. & Co. C, 186th O.V.I.                  (William Bailer)

11/15/12  Faris (James) Family,  OH, IA regiments

11/08/12  Faris (Robert) Family,  OH, IL, KS regiments

07/08/14  Farrier, David G.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

09/14/13  Felkey, Sidney,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

09/23/11  Ferguson, Nathan P.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

03/19/13  Field, Marshall,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

01/28/12  Finley, David A.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.                                                                                          

07/11/11  Firtch, John,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

03/10/12  Fish, Solomon,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.         (Lawson Jones)                 (22nd Alabama Flag)

06/28/13  Flagg, Melville C.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

06/29/13  Fletcher, John,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

09/26/11  Fleckner, Henry E.,  Co. A, 2nd Btln, 18th U.S. Inf

06/12/12  Fleming Joseph D.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/11/12  Fleming, Sidney,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

09/29/11  Fleshman, Martin L.,  Co. H, 174th O.V.I.

07/09/14  Forsyth, William H.,  Co. B, 18th U.S.I.

04/05/14  Foulk, Steward & Levi,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.;  Steward in Co. C, 69th O.V.I.

03/19/12  Fowler, James O.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I., Co. A, 18th U.S.I., Co. I, 2nd O.V.H.A., Co. E, 2nd N.C.M.I.

06/09/11  Frantz, Aaron E.,   Co. E, 145 O.V.I.

07/20/13  Fravel, Gilbert W.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

07/10/14  Freeman, George M.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

03/15/12  Freshwater, Arkison,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

07/11/14  Freshwater, Jacob,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

03/14/13  Fryman, Thomas A.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

01/03/12  Fuller, Henry M.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.                                    (full service of 96th O.V.I.)

CIVIL WAR soldiers (5)


00/00/00  Name


06/02/12  Fuller, Hiram C.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

04/07/14  Gailey, Samuel,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

08/01/13  Gale, Leroy L.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

03/11/14  Galloway, James H.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

03/12/14  Galpin, Ebenezer,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

03/13/14  Gammill, David D.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

03/14/14  Gammill, Samuel S.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

10/21/14  Gardner, Jesse W., Co. I, 32nd O.V.I. & John M., Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

03/29/13  Gardner, Lyman,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.                                      (U.S. Postmasters General)

01/18/14  Garlinghouse, Emery,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

04/09/14  Gaylord, Thomas C.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

04/11/14  George, Robert E.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I. & Co. K, 174th O.V.I.

09/17/11  Gessner, William T.,  Co. A, 7th Minnesota V.I.

05/11/11  Gibson, Calvin,   Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

03/15/14  Gilson, Haralow C.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

10/12/11  Goddard, Harrison C.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I., Co. C, 17th V.R.C., and Co. C, 186th O.V.I.

07/11/13  Gorsuch, Samuel,  Co. A & E, 18th U.S.I.

03/17/14  Gould, Hiram F.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

11/28/12  Grandstaff, Alvin,  Co.D, 18th U.S.I.

07/13/13  Granger, James N.,  Co. A, 3rd O.V.I.

03/30/13  Gray, William A.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

10/22/14  Green, Ansfield,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

01/22/14  Gregory, Herbert,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

09/19/13  Grennan, Lawrence E.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.                                       (Teacher, Poet)

04/16/13  Griffith, Thomas R.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

07/12/14  Griste, Thomas H.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

03/19/14  Grover, Sylvester A.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

09/27/13  Grubaugh, Wilson Shannon,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

05/15/13  Hall, John and Theodore,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

04/11/14  Hall, Watson A.,  Co. I, 96th O.V.I.

08/24/13  Hamilton, John F.,  Co. H, 5th U.S.C.T.                                                   (C.T.)

08/18/13  Harbert, William J.,  Co. E, 86th O.V.I. & Co. F, 32nd O.V.I.

12/03/14  Harroun, Franklin W.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

04/25/13  Harter, James A.H.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

03/20/14  Harter, John A.,  Co. F., 96th O.V.I.

11/27/11  Hartrum, Ira,  Co. G, 3rd O.V.I. and Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

04/14/14  Havens, Ansel D.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

08/03/11  Haycook, George,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.                                                  (Pioneer Corps)

08/02/11  Haycook, Nathaniel,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.                                              (Rock Island, IL)

06/00/11  Hedges, William B.,   82nd O.V.I.

03/20/14  Heller, Elias,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.                                                     (Jewish-American soldier)

12/10/12  Heller, Elias M.,  Co. H, 174th O.V.I.

04/10/12  Helphrey, Hezekiah H.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

09/11/13  Henderson, Elijah,  9th U.S.C.H.A. & Co. E, 100th U.S.C.T.                      (C.T.)

CIVIL WAR soldiers (6)


00/00/00  Name


12/05/11  Hennis, Joseph,  Co. E, 31st O.V.I.

10/03/11  Henry, George W.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

12/15/12  High, Benjamin F., Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

02/17/12  Highwarden, Abraham,  Co. H, 27th U.S.C.T.                                             (C.T.)

02/18/12  Highwarden, Edward A.,  Co. D, 55th Mass. Vol. Inf .                                (C.T.)  

02/19/12  Highwarden, John W.,  Co. D, 55th Mass. Vol. Inf .                                    (C.T.)  

05/15/11  Hills, Velorus T.,   Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

01/25/14  Hinton, Samuel G.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.                                        (Father Ė stagecoach robber)

01/27/14  Hipple, John,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

11/18/11  Hodges, James B.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

05/05/14  Hoover, Gilbert C.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

05/06/14  Hoover, Joseph,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

10/17/11  Hopper, Peter Z.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I. & Co. B, 196th O.V.I.

12/01/14  Hord, Severus & Bodiski,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

03/22/12  Hornbeck, Benjamin M.N. (Norton),  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.                           (divorced)

07/22/13  Howard, Francis D.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

11/26/11  Hubbell, Daniel,   Co. G, 45th O.V.I.                                                        (Andersonville)

11/23/11  Hubbell, Harvey S.,  Co. E, 2nd O.V.H.A.                                             (Space Telescope)

03/17/12  Hubbell, Shadrach,  Co. C, 186th O.V.I. & 1st U.S.I. (R.A.)

01/28/14  Huff, Lewis C., Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

11/21/13  Hughes, Asa K.,  Union Light Guard                                                  (Presidentís Body Guard)

08/22/14  Hull, Samuel, George, & Joseph,  Cos. C & F, 26th O.V.I.

04/15/14  Hults, John F.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

12/04/11  Humes, Josiah,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

12/03/11  Humes, William,   Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

06/15/14  Humiston, Arthur H.,  Co. B, 17th O.V.I. & Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

07/14/14  Hummel, Henry,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

01/29/14  Hunt, Milton A.,  Co. B, 4th O.V.I.

02/01/12  Huntley, Lyman S.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

01/31/12  Huntley, Oscar F.,  Co. D, 8th IL.V.I. & Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

08/22/11  Hupp, Harvey,  Co. F, 65th O.V.I.

04/25/11  Ingle, Peter , Union Light Guard                                                          (Presidentís Body Guard)

04/19/13  Inskeep, Augustus J.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

04/16/14  Jackson, James W.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

10/09/12  Jamison, George W.,  Co. K, 11th O.V.I. & Co. E, 66th O.V.I.      (Sutler)

07/15/14  Jenkins, Thomas,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

08/24/12  Joel, James, Co. H, 127th O.V.I. (later 5th U.S.C.T.)         (C.T.)    (flag at City Point)

01/21/13  Johnson, Andrew,  Co. G, 116th Illinois V.I.                          (Medal of Honor)

08/30/12  Johnson, Robert,  Co. E, 27th U.S.C.T.                                             (C.T.)

11/20/13  Jones, David N., Union Light Guard                                    (Presidentís Body Guard)

08/25/14  Jones, Edward M.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I. & Co.

04/18/11  Jones, John S.,   Co. B, 4th O.V.I. & 174th O.V.I. 

05/27/12  Jones, George W.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

05/30/12  Jones, Lawson,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.                                          (Solomon Fish) 

CIVIL WAR soldiers (7)


00/00/00  Name

08/26/14  Jones, William W.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

01/30/14  Keller, Thomas & William,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

06/01/12  Kelley, Samuel L.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

07/20/11  Kempton, John F.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

09/20/13  Kenney, John P.,  Co. B, 61st O.V.I.                                    (brother killed by Sioux)

06/09/11  Kimball, Joseph H.,   Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

07/22/13  Kinsell, Harvey,  Co. C, 2nd Btln, 18th U.S.I.

08/15/13  Kirchner, John,  Co. A, 2nd Btln, 18th U.S.I.

03/24/13  Klee, Mathias,  Co. D, 82nd O.V.I. & 87th Co., 2nd Btln, V.R.C.

03/21/14  Klein (Kline), Jacob L.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.                                   (First Sergeant)

04/27/13  Kohler, Charles,  Co. d, 121st O.V.I.

05/16/11  Kruck, Jacob,   Co. C, 4th O.V.I.                         (Wifeís suicide ?)     (Pell T. Courter)

12/08/13  Lamb, Howard S.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

02/06/12  Landon, Joseph P.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

08/28/14  Landon, Thomas P., Co. H. 121st O.V.I.

08/17/11  Larimore, Robert A.,  Co. G, 20th O.V.I.                                 (Murder at Sunbury)

04/17/14  Lavender,  Jesse T.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

07/23/11  Lawson, Orris A.,  Co. A and F&S 3rd O.V.I.

01/31/14  Ledlie, Joshua F.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

09/01/14  Lepert, Preston V.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

05/28/13  Lewis, Jerome,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

10/23/14  Lewis, Milo Henry,  Cos. K & G, 121st O.V.I.                               (Corp to Capt)

07/17/11  Lincoln, Spencer D.,  Co. A, 96th O.V.I.

02/03/12  Littick, Henry,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

02/08/12  Livingston, Alfred R.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

09/04/14  Long, Silas G.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I. (3 mos), Cos. C & K, 121st O.V.I.

07/01/13  Longshore, Jasper W.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

04/22/13  Longwell, Norton T.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

07/02/13  Lott, DeWitt C.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

09/08/14  Lott, John V., Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

08/09/13  Lowry, James Crosby,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

08/21/13  Lugenbeel, D.W.C.,  Co. C, 86th O.V.I. & Co. H, 88th O.V.I.

12/30/12  Lyman, Oliver and Phillip,  Co. A, 18th U.S.I.

09/02/14  Lynn, Hiram S.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

11/22/13  Lynn, Samuel,  Co. C, 86th O.V.I. & Union Light Guard    (Presidentís Body Guard)

12/04/12  Macomber, Zeno,  Co. E, 30th O.V.I.

11/17/12  Main (Jonas) Family,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

03/22/14  Maize, Wilson S.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

05/08/14  Mann, Joseph T.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

05/09/14  Mann, Silas J.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

12/06/12  Manter, Daniel F.,  Co. E, 31st O.V.I.

02/02/14  Manville, Edwin B.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

09/05/14  Marble, Nathan,  Co. F, 1st Regt Veteran Volunteer Engineers   (1st V.V.E.)

01/08/14  Mattoon, Francis N.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.                                   (Doctor)

CIVIL WAR soldiers (8)


00/00/00  Name

07/15/13  Maxwell, William H.,  Co, A, 18th U.S.I.

11/25/13  Mayfield, James W. and Andrew,  Union Light Guard       (Presidentís Body Guard)

01/17/12  Mayfield, John C.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

08/22/13  Mayo, George W.,  Co. E, 5th U.S.C.T.                                          (C.T.)

05/22/13  McClain, James F.,  Co., D, 121st O.V.I.                            (V.R.C., 2nd Battalion)

05/13/14  McCullough, Josiah, John, and James,  Co, D, 20th O.V.I. & 145th O.V.I.

12/07/13  McCullough,  Watson C.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

05/20/11  McElroy, Charles,   Co. D, 20th O.V.I.                                     (John F. Shorter)

02/06/14  McFarland, Adolphus W.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

04/04/13  McIlvain, John F.,  Co. E, 46th O.V.I.

11/06/13  McIlvain, Robert A., Co. D, 45th O.V.I.                                        (Belle Isle)

05/03/13  McIlvain, Robert S.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

06/09/13  McKay, Hugh B.,  Co. C, 12th IL.V.I

07/13/13  McMaster, Benjamin F.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

05/14/14  McMillan, George C.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

05/15/14  McMillen, James,  Co. G & F&S, 45th O.V.I.

01/23/12  McPherson, Benjamin H.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

11/06/13  McRaney, Hiram,  Co, G, 45th O.V.I.

03/24/12  McWilliams, William H., Co. G, 45 O.V.I.

05/11/14  Mecay Cousins

04/23/14  Meeker, Stephen,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

11/26/14  Merrihew, John L.,  Co. G, 20th O.V.I.

11/26/14  Merrihew, Marcus & Mason,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I. & 145th O.V.I.

05/17/14  Merrill, Albert H.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

12/04/12  Merryman, James M.,  Co. E, 30th O.V.

01/20/12  Michelbach, Henry,  Co. B, 46th O.V.I. & Co. F, 5th U.S.C.     (stolen daughter)

06/07/13  Mickle, Robert & James,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

09/09/14  Miller, Daniel,  Co. K, 66th O.V.II.

04/18/12  Moist, William H., Co. A, 93rd O.V.I.

04/17/12  Moore, John T.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.                                  (Lynchburg prison camp)

04/20/12  Morehouse, Samuel B.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

11/24/14  Morgan, James W.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

04/22/11  Morgan, Lewis,   Co. I, 4th O.V.I.                                          (Medal of Honor)

04/15/11  Morrison, Francis W.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

04/18/14  Moses, Perry,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/15/12  Mullen, Aden and Elijah,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

04/21/14  Murfield, William,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/09/11  Myers, Lawrence A.,   Co. D, 15th U.S. Infantry                       (Sunbury Post)

11/01/11  Needels, Robert K.,  Co. D, 132nd O.V.I. and Robbins, William,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.  (agreement)

06/11/11  Nelson, Edward T.,   Co. D, 145th O.V.I.

02/25/12  Nelson, Samuel C.,  Co. D, 121 O.V.I.

04/22/14  Nettleton, Albert S.,  Co. G, 32nd O.V.I.

04/22/14  Nettleton, Judson,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. H, 174th O.V.I.

02/28/12  Newell, Joseph W.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

CIVIL WAR soldiers (9)


00/00/00  Name

06/25/13  Newhouse, Adam,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

06/27/13  Newhouse, Alexander and William,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I & Co. K, 145th O.V.I.; Co. G, 45 O.V.I.

06/25/13  Newhouse, James H.,  Co. F, 66th O.V.I.

05/19/14  Newkirk, Cyrus,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

02/23/12  Oldham, Joshua G.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

04/05/12  Olmsted, Sanford A.,   Co. C, 26th O.V.I. & Co. C, 145th O.V.I.

05/25/13  Olney Brothers, 4th O.V.I., 96th O.V.I. & 4th U.S. Light Artillery

05/30/13  Ostrander, Jacob,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I., Co. C, 121st O.V.I., Co. F, 69th O.V.I.

01/10/14  Ousey, Edward,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

02/07/14  Overturf, Wesley,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

02/09/14  Oviatt, David W.,  Co., Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

03/25/14  Owston, William H.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.S

11/11/13  Pace, Isaac and Nathan,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

05/20/14  Page, Charles M.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

04/24/14  Patrick, George G. & Nathan E.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.; Nathan E., Co. H, 174th O.V.I.

03/25/14  Patten,William B.,  Co. B, 121st O.V.I.

03/27/12  Penry, John P., Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

10/18/12  Pendleton, George E.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

10/17/12  Pendleton, Samuel,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

10/17/12  Pendleton, Van M.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

11/20/14  Perfect, Leroy and Edwin,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

11/21/14  Perfect, Waymon,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

10/27/14  Pettibone, Waldo,  Co. G, 4th U.S.A. & Channing, Cos. I & E, 4th O.V.I.

02/11/14  Philbrick, Orlando K.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I. & Co. G, 4th O.V.C.

05/21/14  Pierce, James O.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. (3mos), Co. D, 20th O.V.I., Co. H, 16th IL. Cav.

11/22/14  Piper, William E.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

02/01/13  Plunkett, Amos, Richard, and Isaac,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. (3mos) & and several 3 yrs O.V.I.ís

01/23/12  Porter, James A.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

08/02/13  Porterfield, William Jasper,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

08/04/13  Ports, John & Israel,  Co. B, 15th U.S.I. & Co. D, 27th O.V.I.

04/26/13  Post, Morton W.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

06/08/12  Potter, Allen,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

03/26/14  Potter, Gilbert M.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

04/03/13  Prosser, William G.,  Co. G, 88th O.V.I.

10/19/12  Rader, Nicholas,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

03/01/12  Ramage, John J.,  Co. A, 121st O.V.I.

02/13/14  Reynolds, William L.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

10/28/14  Rhoades, John J.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

01/25/12  Rhoads, Joseph B.,  Co. K, 66th O.V.I.

10/29/14  Rhodes, Levi & William,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

12/07/12  Richards, John,  Co. E, 31st O.V.I.

02/23/14  Richey, William,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

04/12/12  Riley, Lewis K.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

02/09/12  Risher, Manassah,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

CIVIL WAR soldiers (10)


00/00/00  Name

05/22/14  Roberts, Giles H.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

05/23/14  Rogers, Samuel,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

04/23/12  Roloson, Simon,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

05/01/11  Roloson, Wesley H.,   Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

02/24/14  Rooney, Eugene,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

11/04/11  Rose, Alonzo J.,  Co. B, 13th O.V.C. & Co. K, 23rd Regular Army Infantry Regiment

07/16/13  Roush, Joseph,  Co. G, 18th O.V.I. & 18th O.V.L.A.   (Richmond, Danville, Andersonville, plus)

04/28/13  Ryant, Florance LeDoyt,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

10/31/12  Sackett, George L.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

05/17/13  Said, Abner,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

05/25/14  Saunders, Edward H., Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

02/25/14  Savidge, William,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

02/28/14  Schnoke, Amos, Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

11/01/14  Schultz, William H.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

05/26/14  Scott, Albert S.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Cos. E, C, & K 31st O.V.I.

05/28/14  Scott, Henry G., Co. E, 31st O.V.I.

05/27/14  Scott, Orlando M.,  Cos.H, F, F&S 121st O.V.I.           (founder of Scotts Miracle-Gro Company)

05/23/13  Scott, Thomas W.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

04/03/12  Scovill, James L.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.                                       (Rose Ė Spanish-American War too)

04/02/12  Scovill, John D.,  Co. E, 31st O.V.I.

11/22/12  Scurry, William H.,  Co. A, 5th U.S.C.T.                                             (CT)

01/15/14  Searles, Theodore P.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I. & Co. G, 1st U.S.V.V.E.   (U.S.V.V.E.)

09/17/12  Selden, Charles W.,  Co. I, 27th U.S.C.T. & Co. I, 23rd U.S.C.T.        (CT)

05/31/13  Sharer, George W.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

06/09/14  Sheets, Ezra,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/10/14  Sheets, William H.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/12/14  Sherman, Andrew J.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

08/21/13  Sherwood, Jonathan,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

04/17/13  Shoemaker, John W.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I. & 151st Co., 2nd Btln, V.R.C.

07/17/14  Shoemaker, Sidney & David,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

07/20/14  Shoemaker, William H.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

01/25/12  Shoub, Samuel and Henry, Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

05/09/12  Shorter, John F.,  Co. D, 55th Mass. Vol. Inf.   (rel. Sally Hemings)     (CT)   (McElroy)

06/01/13  Shults, George W.,  Co. B, 121st O.V.I.

04/30/13  Silverwood, Isaac N.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

07/22/14  Skinner, Sidney M.,  Co, I, 82nd O.V.I.

11/03/14  Slack, Albert L.,  Co. D. 121st O.V.I.

04/09/11  Slack, Charles A.,   Co. G, 6th U.S. Cavalry  

06/02/13  Slack, Ezekiel B.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

04/29/13  Slack, George,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

06/02/13  Slack, Leroy P.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

02/06/13  Slattery, Michael,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

07/21/14  Sloop, Eli C.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

03/04/12  Slough, Charles J.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

CIVIL WAR soldiers (11)


00/00/00  Name

10/08/12  Smart, Joseph W.,  Co. K, 66th O.V.I.

04/27/12  Smith, Albert R., Co. K, 121 O.V.I. & Co. H, 145th

04/26/12  Smith, Charles E.,  Co. I, 32nd O.V.I.

06/10/13  Smith, Chauncey W.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

04/24/12  Smith, George W.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

11/06/14  Smith, Herman C.,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

11/05/14  Smith, Horace F.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

10/13/12  Smith, Jacob H.,  Co. B, 48th OV.I.

08/05/13  Smith, John O.,  Co. E, 33rd O.V.I.

11/07/14  Smith, Lorenzo,  Co. D, 121st  O.V.I.

03/06/12  Snodgrass, James R.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

12/03/13  Spalding, David D.,  Union Light Guard                    (Presidentís Body Guard)

12/03/13  Spalding, John,  Union Light Guard                           (Presidentís Body Guard)

12/03/13  Spaulding, Adoniram Judson,  Union Light Guard    (Presidentís Body Guard)

06/20/11  Sprague, Franklin B.,   Co. I, 1st Oregon V.I.                    (Crater Lake, OR)

03/28/14  Springer, James H.,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

03/28/14  Stanforth, Osborn,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

09/10/14  Stanley, William,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

07/11/11  Stark, Thomas E.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

06/12/13  Stratton, William W.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I. & Co. K, 22nd Regiment NY Inf (National Guard)

04/05/13  Stevens, William H.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

08/19/14  Stickley, John E.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

06/13/14  Stiles, Edward J.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

01/17/14  Stilley, Robert T.,  Co. B, 96th O.V.I.

06/16/14  Stockard, William R.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

03/27/13  Stockman, Elias G.,  Co. K, 66th O.V.I. & 23rd Co., 2nd Batt. V.R.C.

12/11/13  Stokes, George,  E or B, 1st Tenn.V.C.

06/12/13  Stratton, William W., Co. C, 26th O.V.I. & Co. K, 22nd N.Y.I. National Guard

11/07/13  Stump, Jacob A.,  Co. G, 45th O.V.I.

05/28/13  Styer, George,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

11/17/14  Swarts, Abraham,  Co. I, 82nd O.V.I.

08/13/14  Swartz, David E.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

11/18/14  Swartz, Jacob,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

05/01/13  Swick, Jacob M.,  Co. C, 121st O.V.I.

01/19/13  Swickheimer, John Jacob Sr.,  Co. I, 54th O.V.I.                 (Medal of Honor)

08/14/14  Tallman, William H.H.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

04/08/11  Tanner, Joseph F.,   Co. C, 4th O.V.I.                     (Wilderness-Fire) (Ostrander G.A.R. Post)

06/19/14  Taylor, Adam H.,  Co. A, 4th O.V.I. (3 mos & 3 yrs) & Co. M, 2 U.S. Cavalry

06/18/14  Taylor, Elam,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.                                       (Father of 4 Taylor boys)

06/19/14  Taylor, George Albert,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.                       (Died at Andersonville prison)

06/20/14  Taylor, Henry W.,  Co. B, 48th O.V.I. & Co. B, 83rd & Co. A, 48th     (Father-in-law killed him)

06/21/14  Taylor, Joel B.,  Co. G, 88th O.V.I.                                                   (Physician)

05/21/13  Thomas, David & Joseph,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I. & Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

05/20/13  Thomas, David L.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

CIVIL WAR soldiers (12)


00/00/00  Name

08/25/13  Thomas, William H.,  Co. C, 5th U.S.C.T.                                    (C.T.)

02/08/13  Thompson, Hamilton,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

07/20/11  Thrall, Arza,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

07/21/11  Thrall, Stephen,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

06/04/12  Thurston, Charles G.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

03/22/11  Torrance, George B.,   Co. C, 4th O.V.I.                               (Delaware G.A.R. Post)

06/06/12  Townley, William W.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

01/28/13  Traxler, Elias, John & William,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I., Co. F, 96th O.V.I., Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

09/15/14  Trumbull, Henry & Leonard,  Co. D, 15th U.S.I.

03/07/12  Tuller, Darwin,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

06/29/11  Van Deman, John D.,   Co. E, 145th O.V.I.                                  (Sigma Chi frat)

06/14/13  Vance, James N.,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

02/20/13  Veer, Alexander A.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

05/06/13  Vining, Charles,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

06/05/13  Walbert, Benevel S.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.                                          (ďAgueĒ)

07/17/13  Waldron, Cornelius,  Co. F, 20th O.V.I.

09/23/13  Walker, John W.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

08/02/14  Wallace, John and James,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I. & James,  Co. C, 145th O.V.I.

09/24/13  Ward, Samuel M.,   Co. D, 121st O.V.I. & 2nd Regiment V.R.C.

12/06/13  Warner, Lorenzo and Thomas,  4th O.V.I.                           (4th O.V.I. Chaplain)

10/07/11  Warrick, A.P.,  Co. H, 127th O.V.I. (later5th U.S.C.T.)                     (C.T.)

01/10/14  Waters, Benjamin F.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

05/06/11  Watkins, John W.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

07/23/14  Watters, Wesley,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

03/12/12  Webster, Charles W.,  Co. F, 121st O.V.I.S

09/06/11  Webster, George P.,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

08/04/14  Webster, Joseph P. and William H.,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

11/14/14  Welch, L. Byron and Girard,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I. & 145th O.V.I.

06/17/13  Welch, William,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

11/12/14  Wells, Griffin,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

11/12/14  Wells, Milton D.,  Cos. H & D, F&S, 121st O.V.I.

05/08/13  Wells, Samuel G.,  Co. C, 4th O.V.I.

07/18/13  White, Emanuel Armedian,  Co. A, 18th U.S.I.

06/23/14  White, George,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

07/18/13  White, Isaac K.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

11/24/12  Whiting, Johnson,  Co. I, 5th U.S.C.T.                                                (C.T.)

08/30/11  Whitney, Robert W.,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

04/01/14  Whitten, William and Charles,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

07/19/13  Wigton, William Perry,  Co. F, 96th O.V.I.

06/24/14  Wilcox, Morolos & Hiram,  Co. C, 113th O.V.I.

06/23/14  Wilcox, Simon,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.

09/18/14  Wilkins, Elymas F.,  Co. C, 26th O.V.I.

06/25/14  Willey, Ethan A.,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I. & Co. G, 96th O.V.I. & 120th Co., 2nd Batt., V.R.C.

06/26/14  Williams, George M.,  Co. G, 96th O.V.I.                                         (ded)

CIVIL WAR soldiers (13)


00/00/00  Name

08/11/14  Williams, Morris,  Co. E, 66th O.V.I.

11/13/14  Williams, Virgil,  Co. D, 20th O.V.I.

09/19/14  Williamson, Alonzo,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

09/20/14  Williamson, Sylvester, Michael, John & Solomon,  Cos. D & C, 18th U.S.I.; Co. H, 121st O.V.I.

08/20/13  Willison, George W.,  Cos. D&H, 18th U.S.I.

09/29/13  Wilson, Abel,  Co. A, 5th U.S.C.T.                                                      (C.T.)

06/19/12  Wilson, Henry,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.

01/12/14  Winship, David R.,  Co. K, 121st O.V.I.

05/07/13  Wixted, John,  Co. I, 4th O.V.I.

12/05/12  Wollam, Andrew J., Co. E, 30th O.V.I. 

07/20/13  Worline, Hugh,  Co. D, 121st O.V.I.                                       (Danville, VA Prison)

03/01/14  Wright, David,  Co. H, 121st O.V.I.





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