Do You Know the Story These Photos Tell?

Big Walnut Area Historical Society and their guests will meet at 7:30 Tuesday, July 12, to take a virtual tour of Sunbury Off-the-Square with Polly Horn

Not everything happens around the square in Sunbury. Just a block away in any direction there have been many changes over the 200 years of Sunbury’s history.

Using old photographs from The Sunbury News, local photographers and others people have allowed Horn to scan, we can watch the community grow.

Horn’s family owned The Sunbury News from 1915 until 1994 and many of the photos went through her hands for scanning and preservation. Use this opportunity to learn the story behind things you see everyday and probaly never questioned.

Where do highways 3-CCC, 47, 61 and 30 meet? Why do houses sit up on the hill on SR 37?   Where were gas wells in Sunbury?  What did Nestles originally make in Sunbury?  Why do you get water in your basement? See prize winning sculpture and quaint barns

Learn more Tuesday, July 12.
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